This year has been one dumpster fire of a year! The pandemic set the world on its head and, by necessity, we've had to re-think how we do everything.

In my work, I talk with lots of fundraising experts and want to share 3 quick and easy ideas of ways to connect with your donors that I've picked up from them.

What is different about fundraising during a crisis from fundraising during any other time? I sat down with Claire Axelrad, who has worked in the nonprofit space for 4 decades. Claire is a pro at this and launched her own education and coaching services about 10 years ago. Her blog, is a very valuable resource I look to frequently.

In this episode, Claire shares her notes on both the good and bad and she has seen during this particular time of crisis. They may surprise you.

Learn what can you start doing today to help improve your organization's bottom line!

PS: Here's the link to the waiting list for the course on Winning Major Gifts that is mentioned in the interview!

**Want to learn more from Claire? She is one of 20 nonprofit experts who will be live and online in TopNonprofits' Virtual Summit for Nonprofit Changemakers coming in September. You can get more information or register now HERE


The COVID-19 Crisis has pushed all of us into uncomfortable (if not worse) situations. Listen to nonprofit expert, Sherry Quam Taylor, for advice on ways to pivot the conversations and situation to optimize your fundraising, engagement, and organization.

In this episode, Amy talks with Erica Waasdorp, President of A Direct Solution and Author of Monthly Giving: The Sleeping Giant, who has been helping nonprofits raise more money through appeals and monthly giving. With 30+ years of passionate experience in Monthly Giving, Appeals, Direct Response Fundraising, Direct Marketing, International Direct Marketing, Public Affairs, Advertising, Grant writing, Events. AFP Master Trainer, Speaker, Blogger, Webinar and Workshop presenter especially on Monthly Giving and Appeals.

Erica has been developing and growing fundraising campaigns, and specializing in recurring giving programs in the US and in Europe for nearly 30.

Listen and you'll find out:

  • Tips on getting buy-in from your stakeholders 
  • How to calculate the value of recurring donors (and use that to get buy-in)
  • How to get started with a monthly giving program
  • How to improve your existing program
  • Ways to promote your program (During and after COVID19)

You can visit her website, to get helpful tools like a Starter Toolkit, Calculator, Templates, and more! 

PS: Erica will also be presenting on the topic at our Virtual Summit for Nonprofit Change Makers this September 15 and 17. Registration will open soon.

Sarah Olivieri has worked for and with nonprofit organizations in practically every possible capacity. When she began her work as a consultant, she realized that many of the nonprofits that she worked with really couldn't handle great marketing because they just didn't have the internal structures in place to move effectively and consistently at the speed that you need to move in the digital age to take advantage of digital marketing. Listen and find out what steps you can  take to align your strategic plan in the digital age.

Today we're really going to be focusing on fundraising. Martin has a great book called Five Minutes for Fundraising, a Collection of Expert Advice from Gifted Fundraisers, one of whom he happens to be!  In this episode, he’s going to share some of his best advice for all of us, realizing these are very difficult and challenging times right now. I think his advice will be something we can all kind of look to as ways to strengthen our relationships with our donors.

t's not news to you that #covid19 has forced us all to work and live in some kind of "New Normal." As we all navigate uncharted waters for our family, health and our workplaces, we at TopNonprofitsand Shifting Gears Consulting wanted to offer some help for those of you who are do-gooding from your home. Listen as, Colleen Duerr offers great ideas for how you can use this time to optimize your organization's efforts. 

 Is now the time for you to seek the help of a consultant? How do you know? What should you do to prepare? Who needs to be on board?

In this episode of the pod, Amy interviews Heather Yandow, Nonprofit Consultant and Founder of  to find the answers!


Julia Campbell has worked for nonprofits, consulted for nonprofits, and most recently ...penned the new book, "How to Build and Mobilize a Social Media Community in 90 Days"

In this interview, Campbell provides practical advice on how best to leverage social media platforms to further missions.

  • 6 Most Common (and Destructive) Social Media Marketing Myths
  • How can Social Media Marketing and Fundraising work together?
  • What is the real job of you as the marketing person?
  • What can we actually expect of Social Media?
  • How can you get "buy-in" from other departments to help you with your efforts?

Her new book will be available Feb. 12, 2020 and can be purchased on her site at, where you can also find lots of great information on her blog and other resources.

For more great resources, visit TopNonprofits 

For Online Courses, visit TopNonprofits Training 



The first episode of 2020 is all about one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing marketing.  In this interview with Kadi McDonald we learn her best tips and updated best practices which have been adapted to meet changing consumer behaviors.

Topics covered: How to get started, Tips on Subject Lines (and Preview Text!), Strategy, and Content Creation.

For more practical information to help you with your work in the nonprofit sector, check out our website

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