In this week's episode, Amy talks with Kishshana Palmer about best practices for working well with Millennials. Kishshana will be a keynote speaker at the AFP-NJ Chapter's Annual Conference on Philanthropy on November 16, where she will take a deeper dive into this topic. Listen to get some practical- easy to put in place today- tips on:

  • Interviewing Management
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent
  • Using Parenting Style as a Guide

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This week I was joined by Abby O'Neill and Maria Semple

Abby and Maria offer advice on what makes a story compelling and give examples of strategies they've seen used that work


Listen to Jen Brady, Executive Director at Oasis: A Haven for Women and Children share her best advice on how to structure successful partnerships with for-profits.  


The world of philanthropy has changed over the years, particularly when it comes to cross-sector partnerships. Here are some valuable tips for nonprofits on how to approach a business for a partnership. The advice comes from the "Father of Cause Marketing," Bruce Burtch-- who has structured numerous successful partnerships with the goal of focusing on the greater good.

Today's nonprofits need to provide a Business Value Proposition (BVP) which outlines benefits for potential for-profit partners. In this podcast we dive into how to go about that, by defining the elements and providing the most popular benefits that for-profits receive in these types of partnerships.



The secret to a successful organization is having the right people, but the key is that you also need to keep them!

I had the chance to speak with two amazing recruting executives who work on both sides of employment-- Ira Madin works with hiring managers and Jared Siegal specializes in working with candidates. With more than 20 years of experience in the business they offered plenty of tips on finding the right people for your organization and the right organization for you.

So, whether you plan to work with a recruiting firm or go it alone, we hope this advice will help you put your best foot forward and find that perfect match.

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Make yours a great nonprofit to work for-- or gain a better understanding of what you are worth in the marketplace.

The PNP Staffing Group's most recent study, 2016-2017 NonProfit Salaries, Staffing & Trends Report, has just been released and the findings are invaluable to anyone hiring or seeking employment in the nonprofit sector.

As Gayle Brandel, CEO of PNP Staffing Group says, “The days of unattractive work environments, too much internal chaos, not enough pay, and grueling schedules no longer give an organization a competitive presence in the talent marketplace.” 


Seems like everyone starts thinking of #GivingTuesday end of year fundraising just as the leaves start to change color. While it would be best to plan well in advance, there are some actions you can take right now to still end the year on a high note.

We talked to James Broby, CEO and CoFounder of CauseEngine, to get his tips based on years of working with nonprofit organizations. Take a listen and see how you can set your organization up for success in 2017, too.



Tammy Zonker has received awards and recognition for her excellence in fundraising, and she is happy to share her best practices to help us continue to improve ours.

In this episode, Tammy shares an experience when she faced what seemed an objection that couldn't be overcome. Listen as she describes the time she and United Way courted GM. During the time GM had filed bankruptcy. And made a huge ask...and got it!

Tammy Zonker is the founder of training company, Fundraising Transformed, and is a featured speaker at the AFP-NJ Chapter's 36th Annual Conference on Philanthropy, to be held on Nov. 11 in Bridgewater, NJ.


In this episode, we talk to Jonathan Fanning, dynamic speaker, leadership development expert, author, entrepreneur...and featured speaker at AFP NJ's 36th Annual Conference on Philanthropy on November 10, 2016.

In our conversation, Jonathan shares his thoughts on how nonprofits can help cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.

Rich Dietz, cofounder of WPCause and nonprofit expert stops by to geek out over data and share findings of the recent Donor Loyalty study conducted by Abila


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